2011 - April - 01
I would like to start by thanking Chris & Willy for opening all the doors
and showing me around.
We start the tour with some pictures of the studio, located in Bekkevoort.
This is studio 1, the main studio. Chris is reading the news.
This is studio 2.
One of the racks.
RDS encoder, microwave link, silence detector + CD player and the Optimod 8200 sound processor.
2011 - April - 09
The following 2 pictures show the microwave link to Steineweg 89.
2011 - April - 01
This TX rack belongs to Radio Diest.
This TX rack belongs to Club FM.
2011 - April - 09
The top 3 dipols belong to radio Diest.
The yagi is used bij Club FM, the dipole next to it is a backup for radio Diest.
There's also an amateur repeater, located inbetween the microwave links.