2011 - October - 02
A general view of the location and entrance.
Broadcast Partners & cell phone operators.
A closer look at the feeders.
The dish most likely belongs to Broadcast Partners.
General view of the mast, followed by detailed photographs.
These are used by JOE fm.
Some detailed views of cell phone, micro wave and reception antennas.
2006 - September - 10
A general view of the mast.
The entrance.
General views of the mast.
Various detailed views.
When I came here the first time, in 2002, there was a pond down there.
Do you think the water is gone because of global warming?
This shot was impossible to take a few years ago.
I'm standing at the bottom of the pond I mentioned above.
These are some pictures I merged into larger ones.
2002 - September - 24
A general view of the mast before the upgrade in 2002.
Back then, Q-Music had it's own elements.
2002 - December - 10
Some views after the upgrade was completed.
Some old elements, used for FM broadcasting by the VRT.