I would like to thank Bruno Heyndrickx for providing me all the pictures & the movie.
2006 - March - 10
Before they could start the construction of the 84m mast,
they first had to remove a smaller mast,
which they did right after they got a tunnel for the future coaxial cables ready.
2006 - June - 24
Time to remove the smaller mast.
The new mast has also arrived.
2006 - June - 30
Preperations before putting in the reinforced concrete.
2006 - July - 03
More preparations.
2006 - July - 05
Like for most things in life, you need a solid foundation.
2006 - July - 06
2006 - July - 07
2006 - august - 05
And on this day, Noel D'Hondt created the 84m mast.
Without cables connecting the antennas to the transmitter, nothing would be emitted.
Given the fact that transmitters don't like the rain, they gave it a shelter.
Never afraid of hights, antennas and the men who put them up there.
Some great views.
These were taken at 84 metres.
These were taken during a BIPT control.
All was legal, so they they were given the green light.