2009 - September - 17
General view of the building and the mast behind it.
Note the billboard, which is illuminated after dark.
The studio & administrative corner.
The second photo also features Marc Jansens, the man in charge of advertising.
He was kind enough to show me around and grant me access to the premises.
The posters on the wall are a great example of all the parties RNK is involved with.
The café, adjacent to the studio.
Even the cigarette vending machine is telling people to listen to RNK.
Some general views of the well maintained building.
Some very close-up views of the 30+ year old, also very well maintained, mast.
It's not every day I'm able to take pictures up close and personal like this.
And last but not least, the transmitter.
The Telefunken radio adds a nice touch to the whole, don't you think?
Donated by Radio Noorderkempen
I told you this mast was very well maintained, didn't I?
In it's previous life, this mast was located on 'Gildenstraat',
where it was used to test TV reception antennas.
2006 - September - 22
General view and a closer look at the previous side of the building & dipoles.