Transmitter Site Besanšon
Chemin du Fort de Bregille, 25000 Besanšon, France
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2010 - August - 07
This location offered a nice view of Besanšon.
The TDF site was a walk in the park to photograph.
Less than a 100 meters further, on top of "Fort de Bregille",
a mast of some of Besanšon's local radio's is also in plain site.
One or more of Besanšon's local radio's use this mast.
Looks like one or more repeaters are located here.
An old fortress with sat reception.
A part of Besanšon, taken in front of the fortress.
To live like God in France / Vivre comme Dieu en France.
The sun was setting, time to drive home again.