Transmitter Site Lomont
D31, 25430 Vellerot-Lès-Belvoir, France
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2010 - August - 07
This site is nowhere near Lomont, but apparently it's serve that city?
I missed the access road, which is in bad shape, so I ended up walking through a forrest,
after having parked the car on the wrong side of the hill with the mast out of sight.
When exiting the forrest I had to gamble as I reached a fork in the road.
A road which my friends Tom & Tom did not know.
Luckily I guessed correctly and reached, more dead than alive,
the transmitter site at the end of the road.
Located on top of a hill I got a great view of the valley below.
I placed some pictures of that view at the bottom of this page.
The adjacent cellular phone mast.
Behind the mast, there was this great view.