Transmitter Site Jülich
Von-Schöfer-Ring, 52428 Jülich, Germany
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2009 - September - 26
This SW TX site belongs to the history books.
Expensive to operate and with an audience that keeps getting smaller and smaller,
the powers that be decided to pull the plug.
Fortunately I took these pictures a few months before the transmitters went off air.
I revisited the site on June 26th 2010.
I've added those pictures below.
The masts were still standing, but the wire-antennas were all gone.
It was a sad sight, seeing this impressive TX site stripped down to its core.
A third visit is planned to find out which of the towers remain as a remembrance
of a period when signals emitted from here were captured all over the planet.
2010 - June - 26
Completely stripped, only the masts remain standing.