2011 - October - 22
A general view, taken from the side of the road.
A closer look at the cable tv reception mast, including cellular phone operators.
This mast is located on the military domain, housing the base.
Close up of the dipoles, located near the parking lot of the base.
Frequency counter did not measure any signal comming from this mast.
This is the third mast, also on military grounds.
According to the frequency counter this is where radio Lora is located.
2011 - October - 15
A nice view of the base, taken from Broderbour.
2009 - May - 30
The frequency counter did not locate any signal coming from this mast.
I used to think it belonged to radio Lora,
but now I haven't got a fucking clue what it is (or was) for.
2002 - August - 04
I'm not sure this tx site was on air at the time.
I didn't have a frequency counter back then.
A view of Diekirch.
The reception mast, located at the military domain, is not accessable for a civilian like myself.
The cell phone tower, located not far from the reception mast.